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This 2016 Presidential Election,
Samuel L. Hurt

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Third Party  "Write In" President
For the November General Presidential Election

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Samuel L. Hurt and Sons

Democratic Presidential Write-In Candidate for 2016 Election

Learn more about Samuel L. Hurt's political platform. He understands that there are many important reasons why someone might be frustrated with America's current political climate. Vote for him because you want change for the better. He is an outsider who cares for the future of our children and feels strongly that he is the best candidate out of all of the others running.


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About Us

Samuel L. Hurt is running for president of the United States for 2016 as a "Write-in or Type-in" candidate. This means that his name does not appear on the ballot, but you are free to Write or Type In his name when you cast your vote. Mr. Hurt is frustrated with today's American political system. He especially doesn't like how America has digressed over the last few years. Many of our politicians have deviated from important issues like income and racial inequality, economy and climate change.  Samuel plans to bring these, and other issues back into the forefront of political debate.

Associate Rabbi for Church of God and Saints of Christ, Samuel L. Hurt of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a 65 year old veteran who served in the United States military. He is not asking for any donations from any individual, corporations, Super PACs, or special interest groups. If elected, his allegiance will be to the American people not to big business. Samuel was born in raised in Cumberland, Maryland and has been married to a wonderful woman named Julinda for 40 years. They have six children: Sojah, Rachel, Samuel III, Joshua, Nicole and Tyrone. Please give him a call or email to learn more about his background and platform.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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